Churches who use "Proven and Time Tested" resources will improve the health of the church.

"Healthy churches have a greater impact on their community for Christ than unhealthy churches."

Dr. Bruce Oliver

Medic I Pastors' Seminars

Dr. Bruce Oliver of Church Health Resources is the facilitator of Medic I pastors seminars.

Motivated by a passion for Gods church, Dr. Bruce Oliver exists to equip and empower the local church and its various ministries.  Dr. Oliver is a retired pastor with a call of God to equip and consult with pastors by providing church health resources.

His principal agenda is to help the church become and remain healthy! Dr. Oliver has been asked by Soar Ministries to team up together to provide consulting for pastors all over the US.
While we believe God wants His church to grow, our real focus is “church health”.  With that said, we understand that HEALTHY THINGS GROW.  Church consulting is Dr. Oliver's passion.

Medic I Video (2 Minutes)
Dr. Bruce Oliver Certified Church Health Consultant

Pastors of medium to small struggling churches benefit by attending the Medic I pastors seminar.  Dr. Oliver has made a commitment to offer affordable pastor seminars which provides necessary tools to build a strong foundation.  Don't be fooled, these low cost seminars are power packed with loads of useful information.  Pastor if you struggle with tough decisions and experience tons of stress, we encourage you to come and get refreshed.  Not only do pastors benefit by attending, churches benefit as well. 

your church was intended to be rare and exceptional

You were placed in your community to “stand out” like a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.  As you function in your God given gifts and calling, exciting things happen.

People are drawn to your ministry because their lives are impacted in positive ways. Dr. Bruce Oliver, a certified church consultant, seeks to cultivate and enhance your current ministry programs.  Quality consulting service to the pastor and the local church is his standard.  Dr. Oliver’s goal is that of commitment, creativity and accomplishment.

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Church Health Resources

Church Health Resources is a ministry offered by Dr. Bruce Oliver based in Grand Prairie, Texas.  He provides services that can be of great value to pastors and their churches.  If you are tired of the headaches when it comes to payroll services let Bruce be of some help.  Ever wanted to have your church receive donations from your website?  We have the safe and secure solution.  Pastors need discipleship and leadership materials to help improve the health of your church?  Check out our CDs that are affordable and even can be edited as needed.  Church Health Resources is in the process of introducing our new mobile web application called MyWebApp.Church.  This is a very powerful communications tool.  Now church members can stay in touch with their church and receive instant news and information.  Members are also able to respond to ministry news.  Check out all of these resources below and provide us your feedback.  We look forward to serving you.

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church health resources provides struggling pastors with educational resources.MyWebApp.Church is a ministry tool for the health resources provides struggling pastors with educational resources.
Dr. Bruce Oliver of Church Health Resources is a certified church consultant.Winnie Oliver of Church Health Resources provides strategic planning and support.

Church Health Resources is based out of Grand Prairie, Texas and serves the continental United States.  Dr. Oliver is an ordained minister and a Certified Church Health Consultant.

Bruce Oliver Ministries

Dr. Bruce and his lovely wife Winnie have been serving the Lord in ministry for over 30 years.  Besides offering Church Health Resources to churches,  they are recording artists and sing Gospel Folk songs. This dynamic couple ministers through-out the U.S.  When you need someone to preach a revival or special service, give them a call.  972-641-8242.  You will be blessed.  Learn More