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Pastors' Seminars Medic 1 & 2

Medic 1

The purpose of the Medic I seminar is to help improve the Health of the local church. Each seminar is affordable and is filled with many tools and insights that will encourage pastors. Pastors love to engage in the dynamic discussion questions that are presented throughout the seminar. The seminars come with a 30 page pastor's workbook helpful for further prayer and reflection long after the event. Medic I is conveniently designed to be offered in a one day setting so busy pastors can get back to their local flocks.

Why Medic 2? 

During the past few years of offering Medic 1 Pastor Seminars we have received many requests from pastors to share our Church Health System with local church leadership.

Pastors who have attended the 1 day seminar came away encouraged and wanting more for their local churches. Dr. Oliver is committed to helping each pastor strengthen his church. He has decided to bring Medic 2 directly to the local church. Medic 2 provides the same dynamic and encouraging information that is shared in the Medic 1 Pastor’s Seminar. Medic 2 provides the added benefit of encouraging pastors and leadership together and at their home base of ministry. Each ministry team can learn and implement what is shared with their pastor making for a healthier church. Together the pastor and ministry team get a better understanding of health of their church. As a team they can take necessary steps to make changes and improvements leading to a healthier church.

We encourage you to contact Dr. Oliver at 972.641.8242 to discover what dates will work best. Keep in mind that Dr. Oliver is flexible in making this available to your church. Register below to lock in your best date.

medic CHURCH HEALTH System

System 1: Diagnosing The Disease 

Topic: Analysis of the 21st Century Church

A tipping point occurred at the millennial shift, which altered the relationship between American culture and the church, forever changing how the two will relate to each other.

System 2: Health Care Is Not Optional 

Topic: 15 Activities of a Healthy Church

Church health is the key to church growth.  All living things grow if they're healthy.  Since the Church is a living organism, it's natural for it to grow if it's healthy.

System 3: The Crippling Effect Of Identity Theft  

Topic: 15 Rediscovering Your Distinctiveness

Your personal identity is proof of Gods creative genius!  His ultimate gift given to every person on the planet is that of unique relevance.  God made you on purpose for a purpose.

System 4: Inside Out

Topic: Introduction To The 3 Platform System

The modern emphasis of the church in obeying the Great Commission has been to "go."  Go is one of the most powerful little words in the world.  It's movement.  It's action.  It's adventure.

System 5: Change Your Quarterback 

Topic: Positioning And Placement

Championship teams are the ones who win at the job of recruiting and position placement.  Healthy churches succeed in getting the right people in the right place.

System 6: Make Your Move

Topic: The Equipping Model Transition

Leadership can no longer be about pastoral domination.  Leaders who use the pastor-centric model are their own worst enemy and leave out the gifting of others.

System 7: No Mulligan Allowed

Topic: The Power Of First Impressions

Seven minutes is all you get to make a positive first impression.  In the first seven minutes guests will know whether they 'll be back.

System 8: This Is My City

Topic: Community And Culture

Knowing the community is critical to the church that intends to reach the harvest.  A demographic study provides needed insight and direction for strategic planning.

System 9: Going Little To Get Large 

Topic: Small Groups Revolutionized

Jesus had a team He "did life" with.  He developed meaningful relationships with them and provided spiritual guidance along the way.

System 10: Rediscovering The Benefits Of Training Wheels 

Topic: Discipleship & Training

Most leaders want to serve well and would benefit from biblical and strategic training in the unique context of church ministry and biblical development.

System 11: Reach!

Topic: Bridging Events That Work

It will be impossible for the church to revive itself and make a difference in this world if it doesn't obey the Great Commission.

System 12: At Your Service 

Topic: Serving The Harvest

Evangelism starts at home but should have a global scope.  Send the gospel light by helping people in your community and by ministering to their various needs.

Download Medic I brochure and attend a church management  seminar.

CALL Bruce at 972-641-8242 after 10 AM for more details.  Currently we are offering Special Medic I Pastors' Seminar Rates who schedule.

Our Schedule for the 4 Hour Seminar can be adjusted to meet your local group’s requirements (in most cases).

You may also use our Contact Form to provide your information and questions.
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schedule for the Pastor Seminar

10:00 AM    Introduction,
                Opening Prayer                  

Sections I and II
11:00 AM  15 Min Break
11:15 AM   Section II Continued

12:00  PM   Lunch Break -  Eat On Premises
                  Lunch On Us!!! 

Sections III and IV 
12:30 PM    Section III
1:30 PM    Section IV
1:45 PM    Questions
2:00  PM   Conference Closes with Prayer

(Schedule may be adjusted as needed)

pastors' seminar sign up and registration

Medic I Event Schedule 
Thursday Mar 14th 10AM - 2PM Grand Prairie, TX

    Please note that the cost of the Medic I Seminar is only $125 per person. Medic I is valued at $250 - You receive a Special 50% Discount.       
    Pastors should purchase in advance to reserve their student manuals and materials.   We will accept non registered people on the day of the event but they will need to pay $175.00.

    All monies are received as financial gifts to Bruce Oliver Ministries.

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