What Others Say About Bruce Oliver Ministries

Pastor & Ministry Recommendations

Dennis Recommendation    

"My Church and I were blessed by the ministry of Dr. Bruce and his wife. Together, they share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through their music and preaching the word of God with conviction and power.  Invite them and be blessed as we were blessed!" 

Pastor Ryan Dennis 
Fairview Community Church 

Fowler Recommendation   

"We were privileged to have Bruce and Winnie Oliver in our church recently and enjoyed their service, both the singing and the preaching.   Bro.  Oliver is a dedicated, enthusiastic servant of the Lord.  His messages are insightful and heartwarming.  He has a way of drawing the congregation into the service.  This couple is a blessing to know and to hear." 

Wilton (Bill) Fowler, EdD, Chairman 
North Texas Conference 
Congregational Methodist Church  

B'Hymer Recommendation 

“I am happy to recommend Bruce and Winnie Oliver for the special ministry the Lord has called them. Bruce has been preaching, singing  and playing the guitar for many years. He has a strong heart in all of his talents. I feel you and your congregation would be greatly blessed by their ministry. I have known them both for many years and have served, myself, in the pastoral ministry for fifty two years. You will find, as I, Bruce and Winnie are two special, God called ministers.“ 

Rev. Floyd B'Hymer 

Conner Recommendation 

“I am very happy to share a word of recommendation for Bruce and Winnie Oliver regarding their integrity and testimony as well as their encouraging ministry to churches across the country. It has been a pleasure to directly work with them, the Olivers, since 1994 and to watch the outstanding rapport with congregants and members of the greater community around them. 

He is skillful in promotional media and is respected by the folk in the three churches he has served as Pastor in the ensuing years. He is well organized and evidences a real love for individuals as well as the ministry. Our working relationship has been a pleasurable association for me. 

Both have the  interest and ability  to be of genuine encouragement  to Pastors and people  when  invited  to contribute to church programs. Therefore, I would not hesitate to recommend him for any available opportunity to preach, sing or otherwise share in a local church setting.” 

J. Vernon Conner   
Superintendent Emeritus   
Evangelical Methodist Church 

Gerald Recommendation 

“It has been a joy to know and work with Bruce and Winnie Oliver as they have together served  Christ and the Church. Their sincerity, faithfulness and passion for the kingdom are an inspiration. Their spirit of generosity helps them to build lasting friendships.” 
Ben B. Gerald 

Armstrong Recommendation 

“The Armstrong Family has known Rev. Bruce Oliver through his web business and ministry for the last two years. Rev. Bruce is a punctual, loving, and a caring minister who is very detailed oriented. He loves God and he’s willing to help anyone. We thank God for Bro. Bruce and his lovely wife Winnie in their true commitment to ministry.”   

The Armstrong Family    

Kash Recommendation 

“Being a close friend and Christian brother of Pastor Bruce, I would like to say some words about the time I’ve known him and our relationship that has developed over the past four years. I rented him  and  his wife Winnie a house in Kennesaw, GA  for the time that they were here in the area pastoring a church in Marietta, GA.  Both of them cared for my  rental  house  as  if  it were their own and when they left to return to Texas, it was left in same condition as the day they moved in. I consider them to be great examples of what Christian love is all about. 

While he was here, I realized that we had a lot in common regarding our faith and so our relationship became even closer through our time spent on the Lord’s business and sharing His love with others. He helped me on some Christian projects and likewise I encouraged him on his ministry and outreach for Jesus. So, when he told me that they were returning to Texas, I was sad for their departure but joyful that the Lord had placed a call on his heart to go back to Texas. Both Pastor Bruce and Winnie were a blessing to the “Family of Faith” they served while here. God’s best blessings go with them as they reach out to serve Him on this next calling in Texas.”   

Jess Kash - a friend and Jesus follower……. 

Delk Recommendation 

“To whom this may present, 

I came to know Bruce Oliver through his extensive work with website development and soon discovered he had a vibrant heart for ministry.  We have enjoyed a business and ministerial relationship for years.  I have witnessed his efforts to grow and restore a church congregation via his preaching, singing and musical abilities.  Bruce has a strong desire to jump in and help struggling churches break free of their 'status quo' mindset and acquire a vision to attain all that God has for them.  Also, he has a very supportive helpmate in Winnie. She has stood so faithfully with him as he has Pastored and served various congregations.   

He truly has a burden for God's people and the lost.” 
Rev. Wayne Delk 
Pastor, Cedar Grove Baptist Church 

Burke Recommendation 

“I’m pleased to say that Pastor Bruce Oliver is such an upbeat, congenial, loving soul that his ministry would be a blessing in any service he is a part of.  His down-home singing and preaching style warms the heart.” 

Patricia Burke 

Copeland Recommendation 

”Rev. Bruce & Winnie Oliver, are Choice people of God. They have a burning desire to see the lost saved, and challenge the Christian, with great gospel preaching and anointed singing, the Oliver's will be a Blessing to your church.” 

Rev. Kelvin and Brenda Copeland