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Your Church Was Intended To Be Rare and Exceptional.   You were placed in your Community to "Stand Out"  like a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.

Medic I & 2 Pastors' Seminar

Pastors, Leaders, and Staff!!!
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From time to time a pastor just needs a good friend to come along side and encourage. Often this new friend can see things from a different perspective and then you can have a break-through moment. You Know- An Ah Ha Moment.

Pastor, have you had one of these lately? Give Dr. Oliver a call to discuss attending the Medic I one day seminar.

Each workshop is filled with many tools and insights that will help your church. Order Today.

You can learn more about Medic I and a variety of awesome resources while visiting ChurchHealth.

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We will bring Medic 2 to you.
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What's The Difference Between Medic 1 & Medic 2?

The purpose of the Medic 1 seminar is to help improve the Health of the local church. Each seminar is affordable and is filled with many tools and insights that will encourage pastors. Pastors love to engage in the dynamic discussion questions that are presented throughout the seminar. The seminars come with a 30 page pastor's workbook helpful for further prayer and reflection long after the event. Medic I is conveniently designed to be offered in a one day setting so busy pastors can get back to their local flocks.

Medic 2 During the past few years of offering Medic 1 Pastor Seminars we have received many requests from pastors to share our Church Health System with local church leadership.  Pastors who have attended the 1 day seminar came away encouraged and wanting more for their local churches. Dr. Oliver is committed to helping each pastor strengthen his church. He has decided to bring Medic 2 directly to the local church. Medic 2 provides the same dynamic and encouraging information that is shared in the Medic 1 Pastor’s Seminar. Medic 2 provides the added benefit of encouraging pastors and leadership together and at their home base of ministry. Each ministry team can learn and implement what is shared with their pastor. making for a healthier church. Together the pastor and ministry team get a better understanding of health of their church. As a team they can take necessary steps to make changes and improvements leading to a healthier church.  We encourage you to contact Dr. Oliver at 972.641.8242 to discover what dates will work best. Keep in mind that Dr. Oliver is flexible in making this available to your church. Register Today!

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We have been offering "Church Marketing through Creativity, Technology and Experience since 1991.  We have served a variety of churches and small to medium sized Christian businesses ever since the beginning of the Internet. Unfortunately many churches lack the intensity, focus and follow-through to properly do Church Marketing to reach it's community.  

Motivated by a passion for God's church,  Dr. Bruce Oliver loves to equip and empower the local church and its various ministries.  His primary focus is to help improve the health of the local church.  God used Rev. Oliver to pastor several small churches where people not only grew spiritually but the churches grew in numbers  as  well.  He is capable and  qualified  to  speak  to  pastors (especially pastors of small churches) as he himself has been in the same shoes as many of you.  His powerful one day seminar to pastors and church leaders is called MEDIC 1.  This Church Health System will "re-ignite" your calling and help to revitalize your church.

Pastor, I  strongly  recommend  Dr. Oliver to  you  and  your  church.   Dr. Oliver is  a uniquely gifted and qualified church consultant.   I have known both Bruce and  his  wife Winnie for many years and know that you will be blessed and encouraged when using these powerful and insightful materials.  On May 2nd, 2008, Dr. Bruce Oliver successfully completed Church Consultant Training.     I  have  personally  certified  and trained him. I can say without reservation that you and your church will be blessed by the  services he offers. Why not call him today?"  
Bishop Ron Schubert - Soar Ministries 734-320-1725

"I came to know Bruce Oliver through his extensive work with website development and soon discovered he had a vibrant heart for ministry.  We have enjoyed a business and ministerial relationship for years.  I have witnessed his efforts to grow and restore a church congregation via his preaching, singing and musical abilities.

Bruce has a strong desire to jump in and help struggling churches break free of their 'status quo' mindset and acquire a vision to attain all that God has for them.  Also, he has a very supportive helpmate in Winnie. She has stood so faithfully with him as he has Pastored and served various congregations.

He truly has a burden for God's people and the lost."   
Rev. Wayne Delk     Pastor, Cedar Grove Baptist Church

"It is my pleasure to recommend my friend, Dr. Bruce Oliver, for ministry to churches looking to train leadership and encourage growth.  Dr. Oliver and Winnie have given themselves to helping churches in discovering  leaders, giftings, developing  Annual Ministry Plans, and calling for excellence in leadership.  If you are a pastor or church leader - call him soon to get his expertise working for you."  
Pastor Vic Johnson - Pastor of Care - The Community at Lake Ridge