"With God all things are possible."   Matt. 19:26


“Bruce and Winnie Oliver are God focused and Christ centered in their ministry. They allow the Holy Spirit to lead as they minister in word and song.  Invite them to minister in your church and be blessed.”
Rev. Jerry McNeill,  First EMC, Abilene

"My Church and I were blessed by the ministry of Dr. Bruce and his wife. Together, they share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through their music and preaching the word of God with conviction and power.  Invite them and be blessed as we were blessed!"
Pastor Dennis, Fairview Baptist Church, Copperas Cove 

“I’m pleased to say that Pastor Bruce Oliver is such an upbeat, congenial, loving soul that his ministry would be a blessing in any service he is a part of. His down-home singing and preaching style warms the heart.”
Patricia Burke       

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Guest Preacher

Brother  Oliver  received his calling  to preach while attending a small inner city church in Hawthorne, California. Ever since Rev. Mansfield encouraged Brother Oliver to preach his first sermon, Brother Oliver has fithfully served his calling to preach. 

He has been a preacher, teacher, pastor and now a guest preacher. He says there is no greater calling than to be called to preach the Gospel. Currently both Winnie and Bruce are willing to travel, sing and preach the Word. What the world needs today is a preacher who has a strong message of hope and peace. Brother Oliver is that kind of preacher. He is a preacher who loves God and all of His creations.  

If your church is in need of a guest preacher, contact Dr. Oliver.  He and his wife would love to minister at your church.

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Church Consultant

Dr. Oliver facilitates a powerful one day seminar which covers the Health, Structure, Discipleship and Mission of the church.  Dr. Oliver is available to meet with a preacher one on one or speak to a group of preachers at his one day One Talent Faithful Seminar.

Bishop Schubert says: "Pastor, I  strongly recommend  Dr. Oliver to you  and your church. Dr. Oliver is a uniquely gifted and qualified  church consultant. I have known both Bruce and  his  wife Winnie for many years and know that you will be blessed and encouraged when using these powerful and insightful materials."

Brother Bruce has a real heart for pastors. He realizes that the job of a preacher can be difficult at times.  Dr. Oliver loves to sit down with the preacher.  Each preacher can face individual challenges. As a church consultant, Dr. Oliver has a lot of tools in his tool chest ready to help.

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The Olivers Started Their Ministry in 1979

Having served as Pastor to four churches, Dr. Oliver is a dynamic church leader who has  been traveling the country as a guest Preacher.  He commits to a powerful gospel message to celebrate the Lord. 

Dr. Oliver not only wants to help people grow spiritually but to lead them to accept Jesus into their hearts. He presents an encouraging ministry.

Dr. Oliver's  wife,  Winnie,  contributes  in many supportive ways. They are blessed with what the Lord has enabled them to accomplish.  Together,  with his guitar in hand,  they  have recorded three Gospel Sing-along albums.  Dr. Oliver and his lovely wife Winnie are devoted Christians who continue to bring warmth, smiles, inspiration and blessings thru their ministry.

Examples Of Bruce And Winnie Singing

Mission Statement

"Bruce Oliver Ministries' main mission is to present the Gospel message to as many people as possible and in as many ways as possible." They do this through the lives they live, through the ministry of song and through the preaching of the Word of God. The ministry will travel to churches of all sizes and attend various ministry events. Together Bruce and Winnie Oliver sing praise, play their instruments and encourage congregations with dynamic preaching.   Learn More